Anatomy for Average Joes

From the point you start training, learning more about fitness and spending more time exercies, you will find that you reach a point where having a working knowledge of muscular anatomy is important if not pivotal in improving your training, and giving you a new perspective of an increased degree of autonomy and criticality that you can view all information you get from others through. By understanding anatomy solidly and confidently, many concepts in fitness will make real sense to you, and you won’t be able to so easily fall into the trap of listening to to well-meaning yet ignorant friends or unqualified ‘trainers’, whose claims are not evidenced by much beyond ‘my friend told me and he’s JACKED, so it must be true’.

However, the main reason anatomy isn’t more solidly understood on a more widespread basis by fitness enthusiasts, is that it’s actually pretty intimidating. Whenever anatomy is discussed all of a sudden you are looking about a hundred and ten new words with a million syllables you’ve never seen before and its hard not to get overwhelmed and just let your brain shut off. This is not without cause, however. Having a working knowledge of anatomical reference terminology is a really incredible tool to have in your belt and there’s a reason people use them instead of more ‘basic’ words. All these terms exist because they are perfectly specific. Words like ‘front’ and ‘back’ or ‘sides’ are very generally and often more confusing than helping when trying to describe something with reference to the body. Just to summarise, these terms don’t exist purely to make scientists look smart, and learning them will open you up to a whole new way of thinking about and articulating your thoughts with relation to your body.

This series of articles/videos is intended to help break down this gargantuan list of anatomical terms, to help you digest it slowly and easily, with real world examples to make it make sense to those that have difficulty with thinking of things in the abstract.

I will try to cover everything in order of a mix of importance/relevance to fitness, but also ease of understanding. So the easiest to get, and the most relevant to fitness will come first.

Get started below! This is currently a work in progress so more will be added over time. I repeat, this is not a complete work.

Anatomical Reference Terms:

AfAJ #1: ‘Anatomical Position’ and a Few Reference Terms

AfAJ #2: A Few More Reference Terms!