Hi. My name is Nick Elorreaga.

I’ve created this website to act as a resource for all people trying to learn more about fitness (or working out, or training, or being healthy or whatever you would like to call it) as complete beginners. High quality information about fitness is far from scarce on the internet but is spread around many sources and can be hard to compile and decipher what’s useful and what’s not, or even what any of it means if you are a total beginner. As I’m not quite a beginner any more, I feel I’m in a great position to help!

The purpose of this website is to act at the very least as your first stepping stone into the world of fitness and being the best person you can be, and the very best thing about it is (at least for now) is that it’s totally free! I’m not going to charge you to access my content because that would be counter-intuitive to the reason I’m writing all of this stuff, as I genuinely want to help as many people as possible to see the value that fitness can bring to their lives, not just in terms of their physical appearance but also their general mood, their ability focus, perhaps even their entire outlook on life and even more!

Specifically, this website focuses on Bodyweight Training, or ‘Calisthenics’ for two reasons.

1. I believe that Calisthenics is a really good way for beginners to get into working out because its free and you don’t have to go to a gym or be in a public area where you are afraid of being judged

2. Calisthenics is personally the focus of my training and what I am passionate about, so it is the area in which I have the most knowledge to share.

What is Calisthenics? 

Calisthenics is a form of strength training that uses one’s own body as resistance, rather than with external loads such as barbells or machines. Common forms of Calisthenic exercises are pull-ups and pushups, but Calisthenics as a whole is a very fluid and complex discipline, taking influences from all forms of movement such as yoga, gymnastics, breakdance, circus arts and more. Calisthenics is a much more creative and visually awesome way of becoming stronger than traditional weight training, as a practitioner could expect to achieve incredible feats of strength and coordination such as the Planche Push up or the One Arm Handstand at higher levels of training. Even beginners can learn skills such as the ‘Elbow Lever’ or the ‘Crow Stand’ along their strength training practice in order to develop the kind of coordination and skill needed to progress to more advanced movements as they get stronger. The best thing about Calisthenics is that its benefits have a massive range of applications. 

This is an Elbow Lever, a low level hand balancing skill

Disclaimer: I’m not putting down weight training by any means, or any other method of training for that matter. Weight training is an incredibly effective way of doing things, but both it and bodyweight training have pros and cons, I am just highlighting the pros of bodyweight training.

Your Journey On Starts Here:

If you are a 100% beginner, you’ve never heard or understood the words ‘rep’ or ‘set’, much less ever been able to do a pull-up or a push-up in your life, you should start reading the article below, it’ll get you off to a great start.

Absolute Beginner’s Guide: How to Get Started –

The benefits of working out and living a healthy lifestyle are pretty apparent, but if they are so obvious and plentiful, then why do so many people not do it? No one is saying they don’t want to workout because they don’t want to be stronger, look better naked or be able to do cool things and feel generally mobile and healthy.

If you have a little more experience, check out the ‘Tutorials’ Section of my site to see some tutorials of intermediate/advanced calisthenics movements like the Back lever, Handstand push-up and Ring Muscle-Up!

Good luck and I hope you enjoy!